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To make vest wider and/or longer


To add more patches


Attach Fringe to your vest back seam-line and/or shoulder seam-line...Comes in pre-cut pieces for easy assembly.

Fit to all vest sizes.

HELP: 'NO' in Price list means 'WITHOUT' and won't be added to vest assembly or won't come assembled. Please choose 'WITH' and 'ADD' price choice if you would like to receive a FULL service of custom Fringe set for your vests.

Set includes:

10 pre-cut pieces ( 3"W x 4)

For a sequence of beads please type # of colors as you would like to have followed... starts from the first Fringe stripe as 1st(top) and 3rd(bottom) is on the same stripe, then going on the next Fringe Stripe as the 2nd line(middle) ...e.t.c

Example of 3 Rows Beads: Black+Gray+Black..or...31+ 6 +31

Beads and Rhinestones Chart 

Light vest Assembly :

Patch Adhesion:

We will seal your existing patches onto your Vest for you


NOTE: Due to press use, we do not take order less $15 for 1 vest.

click on Pick Up / Drop Off or send your patches to

Patch sealer:

To attach patches

Package includes:

6”x roll of “ Raw ” sealer

(seals 24 (3” around) patches),

1 sheet 10"x 10" of parchment paper, Instruction Lift-Stick. Optional

"Non-stick" Teflon coated scissors

(cut sticky tape with less irritation)


If a patch detached, use Hot Iron and Parchment Paper to reattach the patch...

If a patch does not stay attached, replace Raw sealer by removing old sealer from your vest with using a LIFT STICK.

(if you bought "Raw" sealer without Lift Stick, feel free to contact us for free Lift Stick)


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